Class V Riverboarding…

Mike McVey is at it again. Just over a week after Huckfest Mike took to the rivers to show us that the Anvil isn’t just for hucking. We ventured to Sandy Stream, a classic and popular class IV-V run in Lexington Township, Maine. Mike fired up every rapid, styled the whole run and walked away only slightly battered and bruised… Killin’ it bud

Master River Boarder

Who is Mike McVey they ask…

River Boarding

Recently a river boarding website featured a few articles about this Mike McVey character. Who is he they ask… It’s hard to truly understand Mike until you’ve met him, to some he seems crazy, reckless, out of control… I mean what else would you think about someone body boarding off a 40′ waterfall. But in reality, Mike is the opposite. He is talented, calculated, meticulous and driven by a passion for the river that few people understand. Long before Mike took on the challenge of river boarding he was turning heads in his whitewater kayak. Growing up in the small town of Millinocket, just a short drive from the world class West Branch of the Penobscot, Mike was one of the few “townies” that made his way up to the river. Kayaking took over Mike’s life and his passion for the sport showed quickly in his abilities. Known around Maine as one of the most talented boaters in the area, he’s now turning heads on a river board. Mike’s passion for the river extends beyond his own personal sending however. He is dedicated to the whitewater community and constantly brainstorming ideas, shooting video, and coming up with ways to promote the places he truly loves, the rivers of Maine. Mike has been an important person on my journey into the world of whitewater and his passion for the river shines when he’s leading you through the “meat piles.” Still not sure who this Mike McVey character is? Come on up to West Branch, spend a few a days, you’ll meet him. I hope Mike’s adventures will continue to take him to new places, around the world and back. Way to go buddy, get them meat piles and put Maine on the map! Mike McVey SENDS


Maine River Boarding

Master River Boarder

Some of Mike’s kayaking is featured in “Mainely Boating.” He is also one of the principal cinematographers of the film.